Port of Grace Community Church





It's a JESUS


We will serve Jesus and others, because He served us first.

We will love Jesus and others, becasue he loved us first.


We will lay down our lives for Jesus and others, because He laid down His life for us first.

A different kind of youth group

In a culture that tells us life is all about us, we choose to believe Jesus and say, it really is not!


More and more, we want this to mean...


• We really follow Jesus. If he commanded it, with His strength, we want to do it. No matter what that might cost us.


• We don't want to be entertained! We're not against fun. We love to have fun together. However, we don't gather just to be served. We gather to learn, grow, and, together, to serve eachother and others.


We are part of the church, right now. We have been gifted to be used by Jesus to, together with others, build his Kingdom in us and through us. We're learning to let Jesus call the shots in our lives, individually and together.


• We have a mission. We want to grow in loving others enough to care more about their eternity than our comfort level. We want to show Jesus to the people in our lives through our example, practical acts of love and through our words. We want them to realize Jesus is worth giving up everything for. Even our lives.


6:30PM 'till it ends



• We Study Together (core of evening)
• We Meet in Small Groups (share & pray)
• We Hang Out (ping pong/foozeball/just hangin')