Port of Grace Community Church

Our Core Values

To say something is a core value is to say that it is central to our experience.


These values influence the decisions we consider and make. They help us to evaluate whether something we're doing, even if good, will best accomplish what we believe God's calling us to be and do, or whether it's time to change. These values provide the standard by which everything we do is considered and measured.


Our Core Values...




It is all about God! As His children we are created to live in such a way as to bring Him honour. We want our lives to show our first love is God. We do this not because we believe our efforts make us right with God, but because Christ made us right with God through his sacrifice on the cross. So, we give Him everything and seek to love Him wholeheartedly, because He loved us first.



God's desire is that just as He considered us more valuable than his own life, we would consider others, their value, their needs and their eternity, above our own lives. As a result we want to love others in word and deed. Because through us, Jesus wants to love the people in our life, regardless of who they are and where they find themselves, so they, too, might experience all He has done for them, for their lives, and for their eternity


We believe one of the most powerful aspects of God's work in the lives of his children, is His ability to change our hearts towards others, especially others who are unlike us. To that end, we want to live in the unity that is only available to us in Jesus Christ.



We believe God's Word really is God's spoken Word to us and that, through it, His Spirit is able to speak deeply into our hearts. That it is inspired by God for our teaching, rebuking, correcting and training to live rightly, so we, God's children, might be thoroughly equipped for every good work He's prepared in advance for us to do.



Jesus Christ died and rose again so that anyone who trusts in Him would have eternal life. So, for anyone who comes to Christ, believing in what God has done for them, and willing to surrender everything to Him, He will transform them completely. This happens both immediately and throughout the rest of their lives, as they say no to sin, and yes to everything Jesus has commanded.