Port of Grace Community Church


"Livingf According

to the Holy Spirit."

Each year our church has a scripture theme for the year. It's something that we try to look at extensively and, hopefully, grasp deeply. It's also a theme that recurrs throughout everything else we look at during the year, review midyear and then, evaluate at the end of the year.



What it means...


The Bible says it many different ways, "Live according the Holy Spirit", "Walk in step with the Spirit" to mention just two. Most of us would say that this is pretty self explanatory. They question remains, are we really living this way. What does God have in mind when He challenges us to live this way?

We can't do the Christian life in our own strength!
The Bible is pretty clear from beginning to end, the Christian life is the work of God, and for the Christian, it's lived out by the power of the Spirit. From His calling us, to giving us the gift of faith by changing our hearts and giving us a new birth into Christ, it's all his work and we can't boast. The problem is that at this point, many Christians believe the responsibility changes. God has done his work, and not it's our turn. And although it's true that the Christian life is lived in partnership with God, meaning that we have a real part to play, even so, it an only happen through our surrender to the work of the Spirit indwelling and filling our lives. It's the Holy Spirit that gives us the desire to do the things that please God, and not just the desire, but the strength as well. Without Him, we can do nothing, we can't please God.

The Bible is clear, this must be our experience. We don't want to just pay lip service to the Holy Spirit. We want to be led by Him. We want to seek him more, to listen to Him more, we want to obey Him more. So, this year, we're wanting to grow more in this foundational relationship with God the Holy Spirit, alive in us. We want to be biblical about this, always realizing that when we say that we want to live according to the Holy Spirit, we're talking about allowing the only, true and Almighty God to lead us, and that He will lead us as He chooses. Our desire is that the Holy Spirit will bear his fruit in us so that our lives will be more and more useful for his purposes.