Port of Grace Community Church

"Rooted in Christ."

Each year our church has a scripture theme for the year. It's something that we try to look at extensively and, hopefully, grasp deeply. It's also a theme that recurrs throughout everything else we look at during the year, review midyear and then, evaluate at the end of the year.



What it means...


Although this theme revolves around a basic truth of the faith, we live in a time where what as believers we say we're rooted in, what we mean we're rooted in, and what the Biblre calls us to be "Rooted in Christ," doesn't necessarily all mean the same thing. We want to look inwardly and look at the soil our hearts are rooted in, and make sure that it is, indeed, Jesus Christ. And that we are rooted in Him, how the scriptures call us to be rooted in Him.

It means that we have a clear understanding of who Christ is.
Christ is fully God and fully man. We so easily say that as if it was the most natural thing to say, and not the great mystery that it is. And yet, in faith we say, it is true. In faith we say this is the mystery of our faith (Col. 2:2) and that in this we have salvation and life. In a sense this is our everything. Christ; Almighty God, become man, come to not just dwell among us, but to dwell in us, should we surrender to the free gift of love He offers to everyone.

This is central to Christ being the Saviour and the Lord of our lives. For anything to be truly rooted it requires many things, a growing root system, nutrients in the soil, water, good soil, and much more. Christ presents himself as the good soil, that provides everything we need to grow up in our faith. but that growth requires us to be rooted, completely surrendered, trusting, receiging, obeying all that he gives to us, and then, and only then, living our lives out of that place which will lead us to the true life Jesus came to demonstrate and then to give his own life and be resurrected, so that we migh live it ourselves. So, we long to grow in our experience of being rooted in Him, and not just know some facts about what that means. That place where Christ truly becomes Supreme over and Sufficient for everything in our lives. We long for these truths not just empty clichés, but life giving and life changing truths.