Port of Grace Community Church

Teaching @ POG

All our teaching is Bible Centered. We believe the Bible really is God's Word to us. It is useful to teach us, rebuke us, correct us and train us to truly live by God's standards, equipped for every good work.


The Holy Spirit enables us to understand and apply His Word to our lives. And so, it's our responsibility to surrender to His direction and teaching through the study of His Word, individually and together.

Our teaching styles vary: Sometimes we look at one passage or Bible book expositionally (verse by verse). Other times we look at what many passages have to say on a biblical issue. We allow for dialogue during our teaching, because our teaching is focused on us learning to be doers of God's Word. Not just hearers.


PLease Note: For a number of reasons, sometimes our messages are not recorded. We apologize, but can't always avoid this.

All messages preached by pastor Ed unless otherwise noted.



Jan 06 - Wholeheartedly Devoted to Christ