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Teaching @ POG

All our teaching is Bible Centered. We believe the Bible really is God's Word to us. It is useful to teach us, rebuke us, correct us and train us to truly live by God's standards, equipped for every good work.


The Holy Spirit enables us to understand and apply His Word to our lives. And so, it's our responsibility to surrender to His direction and teaching through the study of His Word, individually and together.

Our teaching styles vary: Sometimes we look at one passage or Bible book expositionally (verse by verse). Other times we look at what many passages have to say on a biblical issue. We allow for dialogue during our teaching, because our teaching is focused on us learning to be doers of God's Word. Not just hearers.


PLease Note: For a number of reasons, sometimes our messages are not recorded. We apologize, but can't always avoid this.

All messages preached by pastor Ed unless otherwise noted.


Jan 01 - Introduction to 2017 (PDF)

Jan 08 - Live according to the Spirit

Jan 15 - Keep on being filled with the Spirit (PDF)

Jan 22 - Don't grieve or quench the Holy Spirit(PDF)

Feb 05 - Philippians Introduction

Feb 12 - Let Your Love Super Abound

Feb 19 - God's way is better, regardless of the cost (Eddie Plett)


(the first nine minutes of this message had microphone problems (low vol.), but after that it is corrected)

Feb 26 - Let the gospel of Christ be the main motivation for how you live.

March 5 - Live as Christ did. (Bill Hobbs)

March 12 - Let Jesus shine through your obedience.

March 19 - Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus, examples worth imitating.

March 26 - The Pricelessness of knowing Christ. (Dave Rizzo)

April 2 - Run to win the prize. (Dave Rizzo)


(unfortunately this service was recorded by a secondary ambient mike, not the speaker's mike)

April 9 - Teaching on Baptism

April 16 - Easter: Baptism Sunday - No Sermon

April 23 - Living in the Lord Joel Kumar

April 30 - Think right, do right, feel right Eddy Plett

May 7 - Thankful, Content and Generous

May 14 - Philippians Review

May 21 - Vision 2017

May 28 - Holy Spirit Review

June 4 - No sermon recorded (our apologies)

June 11 - The Holy Spirit - Gift Giver

June 18 - Holy Spirit - Fruit Bearer

June 25 - Walk by faith, not by sight

July 2 - Embracing the mind of Christ

July 9 - The Battle for the mind

July 16 - Embracing the mind of Christ (Eddy Plett)

July 23 - Embracing the mind of Christ (Eddy Plett #2)

July 30 - Shaun - U.B. Unity

Aug. 6 - Greg (unfortunately sermon not recorded)

August 13 - C.J. and O.M.

God and Relationships

Relationships - Singleness

Unfortunately we've had some problems with our recording software,
hope to have this resolved soon. (September)

Oct 8 - Thanksgiving

Oct 15 - Can God Use Me

Oct 22 - Essentilas of Community - Worship

Nov 05 - Essentilas of Community - Growth

Nov 12 - Essentilas of Community - Service

Nov 19 - Essentilas of Community - Mission I - Dave Rizzo

Nov 26 - Special Sunday - No teaching

Dec 3 - Advent: Hope

Dec 10 - Advent: Peace - Dave Rizzo