Port of Grace Community Church

Sunday Gatherings


Everything we do on Sunday mornings has, at its heart, a desire for us, together, to honour, seek, and hear from God.

What you can expect...

Our Praise Style
Our praise style is contemporary. We use any instrument God's gifted us to play, to honour Him. Our music is a blend of new and old. As long as a song or hymn conveys God's truth and praises His name, we will use it. Those who lead the congregation in praise have a heart to become less, so that Christ will be the focus of our attention. We have no desire to entertain people, but humbly long to be used by God to bring his people closer to Himself through His praise.

We Give
Our offering time is not merely a time to give God some money. It is a time of praise to God, declaring that all we have comes from Him and belongs to Him. We long to be cheerful givers, so that God will continue to build His Church and His Kingdom through us. We don't want giving to be a "rule" for us, but a cheerfull act that recognizes that all we are, all our time and all that we have comes from and belongs to God and should be used for His glory.

Different Worship Components
Each week of the month we have a special component. We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first week. Have a mission moment on the second week. We do prayer and praise on the third week and have a "Getting to know you" moment on the fourth week. On months with five weeks we try to do something different on the fifth week.

Bible-Centered Teaching!!!
We believe the Bible really is God's Word! As such it's the only authority for our lives as believers. We read it, study it, discuss it, and hear it preached, with the intent of becoming doers of God's Word. So, bring your Bible. Don't have one, we'd love to give you one.


Dress Code

We don't have one, except that you must be dressed.
Seriously, we believe God's more interested in the heart than the outward appearance of his people. If anything, God's desire for his people, when it comes to dress and appearance is modesty. A humility that keep us from drawing attention to ourselves in ways that can lead to pride. On Sundays, most people dress casually. Jeans are fine. However, if you like to dress up, go ahead, you won't be alone.