Port of Grace Community Church

We want to define clearly at Port of Grace;


How people meet Jesus through exposure to the gospel (God's good news, in Christ).

How they surrender to Jesus and begin their journey as His followers.

And finally, how they follow Jesus into His Mission..


Our Journey, together, into and in Christ...

Everyone comes to Christ through different circumstances. However there are a few things that are key and true of everyone in coming to Christ and following Him into His mission.


The goal here is to connect people to God and to each other and exposing them to the good news of Jesus Christ, the gospel. This involves relationships being built even before someone sets foot in our doors. However, it also does involve the things that we do together where people connect with one another and with God such as our praise gatherings and other events meant to build realtionship with God and one another. It's key that the gospel be central to these relationships.



The goal here is that of beginning a faith journey with Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Master, the only one who has the authority and right to tell us how to live. We believe, however, this is more than belief as a simple agreement. It is, instead, a belief that is reflected by repentance of sin and obedience to Jesus.


The goal here is to grow in faith and make disciples.


This is where we commit to partnering with our brothers and sisters to be on this journey of faith together.

There is a clear calling on the life of a disciple that completely redefines them and their purpose from this point on.


*This is not a one time place we pass through. We live out of this place as we continue to grow into Christ and go out into His mission.


Christ's mission involves realizing that the good news is not for our benefit alone, but is meant to be shared with the whole world, near and far. Again, this is not a place we come to at the "end" of a journey, but is the call on every Christian as soon as they become Christians and as long as they live, until God calls them home, or returns to make all things new, to go and make disciples.