Port of Grace Community Church

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership board meets together monthly for prayer, leadership development, and to discuss plans concerning the life of the church. Individually the different members have different roles within the team, including being responsible to pray regularly for specific individuals in the congregation assigned to them.



Shaun was born and raised in Port Colborne. After living in the Kitchener area for a few years, where he attended Emmanuel Bible College, and met his wife, Nicole - he returned to Port Colborne

in 2001. Shaun is passionate

about Christ, and also about

helping people. He has taught

bible-based financial courses

at churches in southern Ontario.

He also serves as one of the
Coordinators of our UB Youth
Camps with Nicole. Shaun

enjoys; travelling (especially

to Iceland), board games,

pizza, bacon, art, and supporting the Green Bay Packers and the Aston Villa Football Club #FightLikeLions.


Sarah lives with her husband, Bill and
five children in Welland. She homes-

-chools full-time, works part time at
Christian Horizons and as a Nutritional
Consultant. She grew up in a Christian

home in Peterborough Ontario and is

thrilled to be raising her family in the
heart of Niagara. She has a heart for
God and ishonoured to be on the
Leadership Team at Port of Grace since 2016. She sees prayer as critical for our growth in Jesus Christ, enjoys showing others how to study Godís Word effectively and loves to use her passion for drama to communicate truths.

Dianne Rizzo
Dianne grew up in Hamilton where
she met her husband Dave and
gave birth to 4 children. She did
not grow up in a Christian home,
and was introduced to Jesus
through a sports ministry called
Reach Forth. She began serving as
a leader at a kids gym night and
has been involved in kids and teen
ministry ever since. In 2004 the family moved to Sherkston. In 2013, they were lead to Port of Grace. She strives to be an empty vessel and used by God in whatever way He leads. She currently serves on the worship team, at youth group and leads a ladies Bible study.

Vania is a wanna-be surfer/

snow boarder, world traveller, and

artist. In real life she's busy as a

mother of five, She is Ed's wife,

and a disciple of Jesus Christ. Vania

serves as our co-ordinator for

Children's Ministries, Women's

Ministries, and works one-on-one

with both women and youth. Her goal is to draw people to a deeper and stronger relationship with Christ and then encourage them to turn around and do the same with others. She serves as an advisor on the board.

Ed's been a pastor for the past 22
years. POG is the third church he's
pastored, which he's done for the past

9 years. Ed loves God, and seeing
people come to life and grow into

Christ. He's beenmarried to Vania for

20 years,has five kids he thinks are

the best. Ed loves talking, preaching,

teaching, playing music, singing,

reading, traveling, boardgames and just

hanging out with friends. Most of all, he loves introducing people to Jesus.