Port of Grace Community Church

Bible Study Groups

Recently we made a discovery, people struggle to keep a regular devotional time. So, we've invited our people to "try together." Together means picking two or three people and studying "the Bible", sharing and praying together. To our surprise, this is working for many of our people, it's also much easier to maintain & multiply.

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Time is at a premium
Plain and simple, it's a lot easier to make four people's schedules work than it is a group of twelve, as in a typical small group.


More time for the individual
Our groups are not just smaller, they are gender specific. This allows for the groups to share at a deeper level, and it allows the individuals in the group to have more time to share and process.


Easier to stay accountable to the main thing

The goal of our groups is not just to study the Bible, it is to study the Bible with the intent to obey it and share what we're learning. With just a few people it's easier to encourage, as well as to challenge each other on what we're learning.

It's easier to multiply

The goal of the group is not to go beyond four people long term. When the group gets to six people, it splits. When it gets to six people again, it splits again. And on and on.


• We've got to stop running to the world first

When life doesn't make sense these days, people run to doctors, counselors and all kinds of places. However, few think to turn to God's Word first, or even ever. We're not against other help, we just think we need to learn to go to God first.


We need to get back to the Bible

For too long too many people have paid lip service to the fact that the Bible is God's Word, without allowing it to be authoritative in their lives. It's time we say, and demonstrate by our obedience that the Bible really is God-breathed and is useful for our teaching, correcting, rebuking and training in living right, so that we may be equipped to do what God has prepared for us to do.


Christianity doesn't work without the Word

When we don't live with the Bible as our full and only authority, when as a result we don't know the Word, it's impossible for us to live obedient lives to Christ. Again, we want to know the Word so that we can be doers of the Word.