Port of Grace Community Church

Going on at POG...

One of the things we try not to do at Port of Grace is have so much on the go "at church", that people don't have time to be on mission in their lives.


Having said that, there are some things that go on regularly, and there are some things that come up from time to time. You'll find those things on this page.




Sunday @ 9:00AM: Prayer before Worship Service
Sunday @ 10:00AM: Worship Gathering

Monday @ 6:15AM: Prayer for the Unreached

Tuesdays @ 6:15: Youth Jr. High Community Gym Nite

Fridays @ 6:30PM-9:30ish: Youth Revolution

Fridays @ 8:00PM: Attitudes of Gratitude (N.A.)

*Various study groups meet at different times weekly.




1st Saturday: Men's Breakfast (9AM)

1st Sunday: Communion (Praise Gathering)

2nd Sunday: Mission Moment (Praise Gathering)

3rd Sunday: Prayer and Praise (Praise Gathering)
4th Sunday: Getting to know you (Praise Gathering)

IN HOMES POTLUCKS (after Praise Gathering)

On Months with 5 Sundays: Spontaneous Worship Sunday


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upcoming events check

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