Port of Grace Community Church


Ultimately, when we talk about being connected we're looking for something that includes, but is greater and more meaningful than just social connection. We're looking to be connected completely; physically, emotionally and spiritually, together and in Christ.

Getting Connected @ POG...


We believe that there are a few key elements to getting, staying and growing in true Christian connection.


WORSHIP...It's the glue of connectedness. This is more than just the gathering together to sing a few songs and listen to a message. We're talking about the gathering together to praise HIm for who He is, thank and remember Him for what He's done. To challenge and encourage each other to live in obedience to God's commands and to seek Him together in prayer. We must commit to the regular gathering together of God's people to worship Him, if we want to be truly connected.


GROW...we are committed to your spiritual growth. We will seek to provide opportunities for this to happen together, and individually. However, the responsbility and commitment to grow must come from you. To the degree that you commit to obedience is to the degree that you will see life change continue to happen. Your growth will have a direct impact on whether you trully get connected or not. We have many opportunities to help you grow.

SERVE GOD BY SERVING OTHERS...We have been commanded and gifted by God to serve. Service changes us by taking our eyes of ourselves and earthly things, and setting our eyes, on God, others, and heavenly things. It destroys selfishness, encourages Christ-like humility and reminds us of who we're really serving (our Father in heaven), as well as why we're serving; to build up the church, God's Kingdom, and to point others to Christ through unconditional love.


SHARE WHAT GOD IS DOING...We have a mission and a message. To be light in the darkness with the good news of Christ. Our presence where we work, live, go to school and do whatever else, should cause others to see who God is, become curious about Him, and, God-willing, to see the need in their lives for Him. We share in actions and with words. Gently and Respectfully.


SHARE LIFE TOGETHER...we believe we are to be a connected community centered on Christ. A Community where together, out of reverence for Christ, we become committed to all the "one anothers" of scritpture, where we also get to know one another, grow together and yes, even have fun together.